Wanderlust - Noel Monique

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Beautiful ebony American sweetheart Noel Monique stares longingly into the camera as she runs her hands over her smooth, chocolate thighs, teasing us by sliding her panties down her sweet, curvaceous ass. She pulls her loose fitting top off to expose her youthful breasts and large, sexy nipples, fingers waking them into stiff bullets. Such beautiful dark skin, thin waist and bountiful breasts. Smiling, Noel pulls her panties down, bending to free them from her ankles, her fine ass smooth. She sits and spreads her legs open, her dark pussy lips slim and snug, her hands caressing every inch of her body. But when she climbs onto hands and knees with that incredible ass in profile and turns to stare into the lens with a look of pure lust, there's nowhere to run to and nowhere we'd rather be!


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